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Vienna is the capital of Austria and one of its nine states. The city of Vienna covers 415 km². It has a population of about 1.88m (Eurostat, 2019) and is the cultural, economic, and political centre of Austria. It has obtained the status of a federal state in 1921 and since then, the mayor has also the role of the state governor. Geographically, Vienna lies in the east of Austria very close to Slovakia, the Czech Republic and Hungary. Vienna is the economic heart of Austria and home to over 200 multinational corporation headquarters. The region’s high productivity ranks Vienna also among the top regions of the EU. Moreover, many enterprises appreciate the city’s location as a hub and access point to CEE markets. Vienna tops the Mercer Quality of Living Ranking for its 10th consecutive year and, in 2019, it is still the best city to live in the world.

Vienna, which constitutes both a city and its own federal state, contributes some 25% of Austria’s gross national product. It is also  in the top 10 of the wealthiest regions in Europe. As is typical for the Western industrialized world today, most jobs in Vienna are found in the service sector. Roughly one third of these employees earn a living in trade, real estate, leasing and business services. Overall, the majority of revenue generated in Vienna (approximately 85%) is made within the tertiary sector.


We provide to our clients IT recruitment services in Vienna.

Startup hubs are buzzing in all the major European capitals, from London and Berlin to Paris and Amsterdam. However, according to new research, Vienna is currently the prime location for entrepreneurs looking to launch a new business.

Its location in the heart of Europe, just a few hours travel away from every major capital on the continent, makes it hugely appealing, as do its low development costs, making it more affordable for fledgling startups to make mistakes early on.

Vienna has a robust startup infrastructure with plenty of co-working spaces and accelerators providing vital support for entrepreneurs founding startups. The city has had its share of success stories, including mySugr, Runtastic and Shpock, which have inspired other young entrepreneurs to build their fledgling businesses there.


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Business founders have access to subsidies and grants from two agencies, the Austria Wirtschaftsservice (AWS) and the Austrian Research Promotion Agency (FFG), while other funding sources include the Vienna Business Agency and the annual Houska Prize, from the B&C Industry Holding.

The costs of running a business in Vienna compare favorably with those of other European capitals, like Berlin, Amsterdam, Paris or London. One big advantage for Vienna based entrepreneurs is the cost-effective office space which allows even young companies to rent offices that are centrally located.


Address: Kohlmarkt 8-10, Vienna, 1010, Austria