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AMS Accelerate IT

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We care about our customers and we know how is like to have urgent ongoing projects and be short of talent and people. When working with us our concern is for you to deliver in a timely manner to your own clients. We call it “business empathy” and we base our work philosophy on it. Our goal is too accelerate your business through best IT candidates on the market

Regarding both, companies and candidates, we strongly believe it is critical to understand the other part. We would not rush into solution without carefully be aware of goals and feelings of our partners. "Business empathy" is the corner stone of our work philosophy


Everyone is different and one approach seldom works for all! You are, as a customer or candidate, unique in your own way, and that is premise for us. In order to help you hire best IT candidates or find the perfect job we will certainly consider what is really important to you and start our work from that point


We never stop learning, with every new client, new project, new hired candidate! How can we be empathic and flexible if not curios about your needs? We want to know you, learn more about your business or your career, so we can help with real added value


All three previous above would be nothing if not acting upon them. And that is where our fourth value, care, come into action. We take steps, allocate resources and get things done. In the end, results are the only ones that matter

< Accelerate IT through people />

We help IT industry finding talented people in the following areas:

  • Software Engineering & Software Development
  • Web Development (Frontend, Backend, Full-stack)
  • Mobile Development
  • Project & Product Management
  • Big Data & Business Intelligence
  • SysAdmin and System Architecture
  • Tech & Team Leading
  • DevOps & Distributed Systems

You ask, our job is to deliver!

< The experience of some colleagues within the AMS team />

Why AMS Accelerate IT? Due to the expertise and the interest of the organization towards development in the technical area.
Yes, I like recruitment, technical recruitment has always attracted me and I can say that here you can have minimal knowledge, you will learn, it is a good school for those who don't have a career in recruitment and at the same time a favorable environment for the development of those who have worked before in the field. I think this company represents a huge opportunity for a recruiter who wants to self-improve and keep up with the fast growing and continuously evolving IT recruitment market.
The dynamics are also given by the variety of projects, the clients, the way of working, here nothing is static, everything happens accelerated. So, come to our team!
AMS Accelerate IT gave me the chance to grow in a field I have long wanted to reach.

Although I came here from another field, which I consider different, the people at AMS taught me and showed me what the similarities were and how I could use my skills developed in sales in IT recruitment. I can say that at the moment I love what I do and I am grateful to AMS for all the support.

For anyone who wants to get into IT recruitment, AMS Accelerate IT is the best place, you have people who support and teach you, a variety of projects and clients, you always have something new to learn.

Will you be joining our team?
I feel very proud that I am part of an IT recruitment organization with a solid 14 years' experience background. I am a Senior IT Recruiter in AMS Accelerate IT for almost 1 year.

I start my career in IT recruitment because it was a new challenge for me. I left my comfort zone, the area where I was talking to the candidates in the same “language”. I had to research, read to learn new technologies, and talk to developers in a different kind of “language”, in another “framework”, with other “libraries”.
AMS Accelerate IT it's like a family and my career has skied with the growth of the company. Here we find the extraordinary knowledge transfer across the different streams of the technologies, roles and projects. I am grateful to work in a place that makes us grow.
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