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Recruitment in 2020

Recruitment in 2020

The year 2020 was definitely a different year for each of us, a year in which we had to reformulate our goals and adapt our plans to the pandemic context in which we still live. It’s been a perhaps more difficult year than we’d expect, a year where we’ve run into new and unexpected situations. The year 2020 was a year with many challenges from which, looking at it from retrospect, I can say that I learned many things but mostly it made me understand how essential certain aspects are. It stressed the importance of maintaining a positive attitude even in different circumstances than I was used to, the importance of flexibility and perseverance.

In the following article I will point out some of the traits 2020 required from me,  as recruiter, in order to perform at optimal level.


Flexibility – remote work wasn’t, isn’t and I don’t think it will be at least in the near future the way I preferred work. That’s how it was, it is and will be for me. I know that most of you might have other preferences, but for me, having home physically separated from work, it is a must.

Even so, I learned that I can work from home as much as efficient (perhaps not so happy) and so, I can get results. I certainly learned that, and more than that, a lot of companies have done it. We are talking about companies that have changed their vision and perspective on WFH. So it was that, in order to keep my activity going I had to be flexible and adapt to the new situation.

Another topic that I want to talk about on regard to flexibility is related to newly created relationships. I have always felt that developing a relationship, whether we are talking about new customers or candidates, will be stronger after a face-to-face discussion. Of course, my opinion remains a valid one, but it can be and otherwise, it can also be done online or just by phone. The proof is the relationships we developed during the lockdown period with both new customers in the company and the candidates we spoke to, even when we lived in the same city. Moreover, the thing that I did not think about very much before the pandemic is that we can accommodate very well the new colleagues in the company, online, and the relationships created in this way, can also be strong and meaningful. The proofs are some of my colleagues, as well as my candidates, candidates who have accepted our clients’ offers in the last year. Even though it was probably more difficult, I can say that feedback from them about how they integrated into the company of our customers is a positive one.


Positive attitude – even though it may have been difficult to maintain this attitude last year and there were certainly situations where my attitude was not one of the most positive, what helped me to make adjustments related to this aspect was the feedback of the candidates.

It has happened many times that in discussions with candidates, even if not always, they were eager to make a change and told me: „Teodora, I’m glad to hear that there are companies that are still recruiting, that are also hiring during this period. That’s very good news.” I think that helped me understand that it’s important to show the people I talk to the better side of things and do that with a positive and realistic attitude. At the same time, this feedback has helped me to internalize this attitude that I’m talking about now.


Perseverance – last year has definitely put my perseverance and everyone else’s to the test. For example, in recruitment, maybe we had to look more, find other sources, other channels through which to reach the candidates and to a certain extent we got to them, whether things have materialized or not, relationships have formed. Also, as I said above, it is possible that many of the objectives proposed at the beginning of last year did not fit to the context of the 2020 pandemic, and perhaps it took a lot more perseverance to update or modify them so that they are at least partially achieved. I firmly believe that our perseverance last year has also brought results and when there are results, there is satisfaction. And the satisfaction was greater as the the work done was in itself, more difficult, more..2020ish.


These are just some of the important things that 2020 has personally emphasized to me and that I want to start 2021 with.

Flexibility, a positive attitude and perseverance. These are some of the main soft skills I am welcoming 2021 with, trusting they will bring much benefit to my work and my career.

As for the work from home, I still don’t like it … actually, I pretty much hate it 🙂


I’m Operational Manager at AMS Accelerate IT and I love my job!

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