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13 questions and answers with Teodora


Who is Teodora?

Teodora is a very passionate person about what she does, involved in her professional activity, ambitious and eager to achieve her goals. She is IT Recruiter and Branch Manager in AMS Human Resources for almost 3 years, the period during which she has changed a lot. From a rather shy and introverted person, to one for which one of the most important criteria in succeeding is communication and openness.

Why IT recruiting/what is IT recruiting for you?

IT recruitment because it was and still is a challenge for me. When I started doing IT recruitment I left my comfort zone, the area where I was talking to the candidates the same “language”. I had to research, read to learn new technologies and talk to developers in a different kind of “language”, in another “framework”, with other “libraries”. What I really like is that in almost every interview I have I learn something new, maybe I hear of a new technology or I learn that a framework can be used for example in both web or desktop applications, on the frontend or backend side.

What is AMS in your career?

AMS Human Resources means a lot to me. AMS is part of me and my life. I am very grateful to my colleague Radu for everything I have learned from him, for the trust and freedom he has given me. I also thank my colleagues for all their support.

AMS is the company in which I developed and learned a lot. I can say that development is about both the professional and the personal. Here we learned to conduct an interview, communicate with candidates and clients and especially how important it is how you relate to candidates and clients in achieving the desired results. Since I’ve been working here I’ve been much more communicative, more open and I’ve learned very well to overcome the fears I’ve studied in psychology.

IT recruiter or Business Developer? Which one of these two you enjoy most?

I can’t and to be honest, I don’t want to choose between them. I don’t see my long-term work without one of these two. Even when I get for example better results on the recruitment side and theoretically I should like recruitment more, hearing positive feedback from clients, I would not prefer or could not bring me more satisfaction at the expense of the other.

What was the most difficult moment for you in AMS?

I think one of the most difficult periods for me in AMS was March of this year, specifically the month when Covid-19 arrived in Romania. As in the whole country, as around the world there was a moment of rebalancing, uncertainty, stress and the list can continue. In addition to all these emotions or experiences, the fact that we had to work from home, me being the number one fan of work in the office, pressed even harder. Of course, now that I’m thinking and looking back, in addition to the hard times we went through with the virus coming, I think that we, at team level, Covid-19 has  united us. I mean we learned to support each other and at the same time, at company level we developed and outsourced our services outside the country.

AMS is expanding to Berlin. Do you consider at some point relocating to company’s office in Berlin, an option?

Yes! Certainly, yes. I relocated at the beginning of this year from Oradea to Cluj and I might as well relocate from Cluj to Berlin. This is another aspect that AMS has brought to my life and professional career, openness and desire to make a change at the city level – that’s to complete question 2.

What are IT recruiter’s main strengths/what does it take to be an exceptional IT recruiter?

An exceptional IT recruiter is persevering, still looking for candidates even when he seems to have no other resource to turn to. He’s open to trying different approaches and seeing what works best. He communicates very well with the candidates. He has an exemplary relationship with them. He earns their trust and uses this relationship and the trust he has gained for the benefit of the candidate.

What are your favorite tech stacks to recruit for?

My preferences change depending on which positions I recruit more in a period of time. To give an answer though, lately I really liked the roles on the part of Mobile, whether they were Android or iOS developer. If I had a preference between these two, I’d choose the iOS roles. At the same time, I like positions with C# with .NET Core, but also those with Java and Spring.

What is the most beautiful part of your job?

The emotions that I experience in everything that my work means are very different and come with specific challenges that have their beauty. The most intense and exciting moments are those in the beginning phase, when I want to create that efficient and productive relationship with the client, as well as the bidding stage of the candidates. The bidding stage has something specific to me, that’s because I think at this stage I have a very big responsibility. Both to the client, by transmitting as accurately as possible the candidate’s feedback to the company, the project and the team and thus the offer to be built in such a way as to attract the candidate. I also have a great responsibility to the candidate, because it is important for him to choose the offer that best meets his needs.

Top 5 reasons you would recommend AMS to a future employee?

  1. We are a great team, we are open, flexible and we have great goals;
  2. We continuously develop and grow both professionally and personally;
  3. We have projects both internally, in the country and internationally;
  4. We work with different companies and different roles, which offers the opportunity to develop and learn new things, new technologies;
  5. We love what we do;

Top 5 reasons a customer should work with AMS?

  1. we adapt and understand their needs;
  2. we communicate regularly with them – we have weekly calls, we send quantitative reports with the number of candidates contacted and those interviewed;
  3. we deliver candidates in the short term;
  4. we offer support throughout the recruitment process;
  5. we constantly ask for feedback to see how to calibrate so that we can have a successful collaboration;

Talent or hard work?

Given that work is one of my values, I’m going to choose hard work.

What are top 3 things you would recommend to a junior IT recruiter who has just began working in IT recruiting?

  • learn the technologies before having an interview with the candidates and also here I would include curiosity – to be curious in interviews with the candidates because it will help them very much to understand the technologies;
  • be persistent;
  • trust, even when things don’t go the way they would like.




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